It was a big deal when I got out of school, because I was broke and I was still working at a bar near the campus. So I went on living here with a bunch of other guys who were still in school. At any rate I have a new job now, which is not very close to the campus and I have an early wake up call from my phone. So I have started to look for a new Jackson apartments to live in. The fact is that I am going to need a roommate, or if it were possible two of them as that would be even more cost effective. That is the one great thing about this place. When you have the rent split up five ways that works out a lot better than living on your own. I would not be able to afford some of these places that have huge rents, although I would really love to get the amenities that come along with the nicest ones.

In particular I really want to get a place that has a good gym. It is not that big of a deal right now while the weather is fine and I can go outside to run and ride my bike any time that I like. When the weather turns cold I am going to want to be able to stay in shape, especially since I want to avoid the bad habit of sitting around and gaining weight when the days get shorter. Obviously having a gym close by is a great thing if you want to get up early and work out, or if you prefer you can wait until you get home and work out for a while before you jump in the shower and get ready for bed.

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