Well down to 8 days and counting.

Today was Back and Biceps. It was just fantastic. The sweat, burn, and even the pain was really great. I know that sounds wrong, but believe me, with P90x it’s wonderful.

My intensity level was through the roof and I was able to Bring It all the way home.

Not having a gym bill is another awesome aspect of P90x, you see for years, I like most other people believed that you could get in decent shape at home, but to get in awesome shape, you needed a gym and all the equipment they provided. Well Team Beachbody is proving that myth wrong. I know a man who is a real gym rat, working with a trainer who has him doing things that are obviously unhealthy, who made the statement that it is impossible to get fit working out in a little room. In the last three months, I have exceeded everything he has done and people aren’t making the comments to me that I look sickly like they are making to him. My main concern with him is that he is so locked into what his trainer is telling him that he doesn’t see the damage he is doing to himself. Even though everyone is telling him how bad he looks. It is a shame really, I am 52 and he is only 32 yet he looks older then me.

There I go on a rant again about how great P90x is and some other programs are not. Notice I said some, because I have seen a lot of people in the gym who were eating right and working out properly and making great progress. But they have to pay a gym bill and I don’t.

Tomorrow is Yoga X and I am ready for a good stretching. the intensity this week has been so high that I am pretty sore all over. But in a good way, as I know it is the breakdown that causes the repair and building up.

If your interested in P90x or any of the Beachbody programs, just click on the buttons at the right and they will take you to the official sites to learn about or obtain them.

To top it off, if you want to become a coach as I have and help others, as well as get paid to get in the best shape of you life, then click on the become a coach button.

Till tomorrow, BRING IT!

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