Kenpo X

Just a short one here, today was Kenpo X.

I still don’t like this one, and I probably never will. But I will continue to work my way through it till I get to Day 90.

There is just too much pounding in this one for my herniated neck to handle so I have to go easy on some of it and a couple of the moves I cannot do at all. But that is how it is when your injured. I do the best and keep my heart rate up during so as not to lose the momentum . Yoga X is the only other routine that I have issues with, the were designed for a person without injuries, but the entire program is flexible enough that you can work around these issues without problem .

For those of you who have been asking, my starting and my 60 day photos are on my coaches profile page. I will post them here when I finish and do my final review of the entire package .

Tomorrow is a rest day, and I am glad for that. My legs and Butt are really sore from doing Legs and Back yesterday. I am finding that I am able to really “BRING IT” at a much higher level then ever before. I am thinking very serious about doing a second 90 days with slight modification when I finish this first round .

Possibly Chalean Extreme or Hip Hop abs on the cardio days. Not sure which yet, I will have to look into the routines and see which will suit my needs better. With Spring just around the corner I will be doing a lot of Cycling and that is very cardio intensive .

That is about it for now, there will be nothing to report tomorrow, so I will be back with another update in two days.

So until next time —– Figured it out yet?  Hint (mantra)——— BRING IT! LOL

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