Finding Edina luxury apartments seemed like a daunting task. I decided to sell my home and move into an apartment due to advancing age and a fixed budget due to a retirement. I could probably stay in the home, and gave serious thought to do so, but decided to sell because I just don’t have the energy to keep everything up. It takes a lot of work to keep a home running smoothly, and especially in Minnesota because of the cold winters. If I never have to clear the walk and the driveway of snow again I’ll consider selling the home a great success.

But I didn’t want to move into any old apartment complex. Some places look great, but they’re not luxury dwellings. They’ll have a host of problems and you spend most of your free time constantly calling the office to get problems fixed. I didn’t want to get myself in that position, so I only scoped out places that cost a bit more but give you plenty of awesome amenities in the deal. I wasn’t sure I would find what I was looking for in the area, but was pleasantly surprised to find a great luxury complex not far from my home.

I looked at their site first before going in for a visit. The list of amenities was amazing, so amazing that I thought surely it couldn’t possibly be true. I especially noted the underground heated garage and the heated tunnels they use. In Minnesota during the winter, you cannot possibly beat such a luxury. No more trying to get the car started in extremely cold conditions! That’s better than my cold garage, that’s for sure. My visit proved they’re as good as their word and I’m currently planning on signing up for a unit. I can’t wait to move in!

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