Last summer I hired my boss’s son, James, to cut down and remove three large trees on my property. I don’t feel comfortable using chainsaws so my boss kind of persuaded me to hire his son to do the job. I was a little leery about the whole idea but didn’t have enough money to hire a professional Nassau County tree removal company to do the job. James brought two of his friends to help him with the job. It took them about a week to cut the trees down and haul it all away. He said he would have to leave the stumps since he didn’t have the proper equipment to remove them. That was fine with me as I was happy the trees were gone and never gave the stumps a second thought.

Well, when it came time to start mowing the grass I noticed how much of an eyesore the stumps were. Not only that, they could be a hazard when my grandchildren came over to visit. I could never forgive myself if something happened to either one of my grandkids. I also read online that termites love stumps, even below the ground. After reading that I knew I had to hire a professional tree service company to come in and remove the three tree stumps.

I called the company that maintains and prunes my neighbor’s trees and scheduled an appointment for the following day. We met the next day and they explained to me what stump grinding entails. They use an industrial stump grinder that shaves the stumps into wood chips and that they will grind it down from 4-6 inches below the ground. It seemed simple enough to me. Other than paying for the service, the only thing I will be responsible for is the removal of the shavings or wood chips which I will shovel back into the left by the stump.

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